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US Beach Vacations Ideas - 1000

This site is my personal collection of vacation ideas. If you find it useful, please Like it and share it. Thanks a lot. 

The sand had a sort of pure look to it, almost white in color. Sitting on the beach making sand castles gave this trip a very romantic sort of undertone. We set basking in the sunlight and soaking up the water until we decided to take a walk along the shore.
Then it happened... I was shocked by a jellyfish, a dead one at that. At the time I didn't know dead jellyfish could still sting, but I found it out the hard way.
This is what made the experience so memorable for me. This one event stuck in my head for a very long time.
It didn't sting me to bad so we continued on our walk eventually stopping to watch the sun set then going out for dinner a snug little romantic cafe.
Overall it was one of the best trips of life and I wouldn't mind going back sometime. I suggest for anyone wanting a great time at a beach to take a trip there.

US Beach Vacations Idea #2:

By Kitty from Washington. The main reason we went to Oceanside, California was to be by the beach. From where we were staying, we could walk to the beach. It wasn't overcrowded like some places in California, and it was clean. We could drive down there too if we had lots of stuff to carry. There's a long pier that goes out into the ocean, and people were fishing off it.
It was fun to walk out and back and watch the sea gulls. Out at the end of the pier there's a restaurant. There are lots of good shopping places in Oceanside, and an art museum. You can tour one of the original missions begun in California by Spanish padres. The best thing was the climate. Cool at night, sometimes with fog, and sunny and warm in the day--but not TOO hot. We loved it and we'll go back.

US Beach Vacation Ideas #3:

Panama City Florida Beach Signs
Photo by Rich
By Dan from Maryland - My favorite place to vacation is Florida. This is because Florida has a nice climate, humid but sunny all the time. Also, the beaches in Florida are some of the best in the U.S. I love the gulf-side beaches and Panama City in particular is my favorite. I was born there for one and the beaches have perfect white smooth sand.
I enjoy going parasailing and jet skiing at the beaches in Panama City. There are also options to be given a tour above the city in a helicopter which looks fun but I've never done it. The wildlife in the ocean there is amazing; I go fishing there and catch all sorts of tropical fish and sometimes sharks.
The people there are more enjoyable in general too; they are friendlier than here in Maryland at least. The sun there is great for your skin and is almost always out during the day, usually not many clouds but it does have a tendency to rain out of nowhere sometimes.

US Beach Vacation Ideas #4:

By Richard from MD - For Thanksgiving this year, my family wanted to get away to the beach. The rest of the immediate family had plans so it was going to be be my wife, myself, and three younger kids aged 11, 8, and 4. We looked at a variety of places, but Myrtle Beach stood out. There was quite a bit to do and we were told that it would be relatively quiet verse the on-season rush. We researched the various resorts and settled on one that had an in-door water park for the kids! We looked at the shopping that they had. There is a new Market Commons where the old Air Force base used to be with upscale shopping, plus we went there for their Christmas tree lighting. Down the road we went to North Myrtle's Barefoot Landing where they have Alligator Adventure with animals and the House of Blues for great music acts.
My wife loved the Broadway at the Beach shopping area with a huge lake and restaurants and shopping surrounding it. It has a movie theater, Magiquest (a fun electronic wand questing game), and Ripley's Aquarium as well.
We stayed over Thanksgiving enjoying strolls on the beach, watching the seagulls and beachcombing. We and went out to one of the many buffet style restaurants for our dinner and loved it. After a mere four days, we decided to stay one more day and everyone was ready to stay!

US Beach Vacations Idea #5:

By Kelly from Connecticut. My favorite vacation ideas involve bringing a packed lunch & some loved ones to a quiet beach and relaxing under the summer sun. The beach is my favorite activity since there is no rush getting there or leaving, and it's just you doing what you want to do. There are so many different things that you can do at the beach, ex. swim, build sand castles, play sports, etc.
The beach is the perfect activity for people of any age, big or small. The best beaches that I have traveled to within driving distance on the east coast are found in Cape Cod, Long Beach Island, or Cape May.
I have also ventured to California and found some nice beaches in San Diego however those beaches have a lot more activity happening and can sometimes lead to a not so relaxing time!

US Beach Vacations Idea #6:

By Alexis from New York. Every year I like to go to the sandy beaches in Hawaii. My favorite beach is Waikiki also known as one of the most famous beaches in the world. I lay in the warm sand getting a suntan while my kids build sandcastles. The water is very pretty there you can watch people surf or go snorkeling. There are several small bars close to the beach where you can get one of your favorite drinks or go dancing when the sun starts to go down.
I really enjoy dining at their fine dining restaurants off the beach and watching the shows there since they do tricks with flames and hula dancing. I have bought several collectibles from the stores off the beach including a huge seashell. There is nothing more fun than spending a week relaxing at Waikiki.


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