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Cartoon Network lawsuit: Ad agency sues over 'Annoying Orange' case

A Cartoon Network lawsuit is making some strange news headlines this evening, as UPI reported this Wednesday, May 22, that a N.D. ad agency has recently filed a lawsuit against a show on Cartoon Network over the use of the “Annoying Orange” in connection to the previous “Talking Orange” figure used in commercials.
The Cartoon Network lawsuit story began after members of the Fargo advertising company sued the CN creators for “stealing” the ideas and work of the “Talking Orange” and making it an annoying one instead.
The creators of the Cartoon Network show involved in the lawsuit, Spencer Grove and Dane Boedigheimer, are both from North Dakota.
“They picked up, moved to California and started another version of it,” said attorney Jeff Landa. “That’s essentially what our case is about.”
According to the report, while nearly everyone has at likely had at least heard of the “Talking Orange” — which features a realistic face and mouth put over an orange rind — creator Boedigheimer stated back in 2011 that he’d never in fact heard of the advertisements. The Cartoon Network lawsuit may very well be a surprise to him then, as he first began the popular YouTube show some time later on TV back in 2012.
The Epoch Times provided a clip of the Cartoon Network lawsuit at hand, as the report states:
“Like ‘The Talking Orange,’ ‘Annoying Orange’ appears to be speaking with a ‘voice’ that is perfectly in sync with the movement of the actor’s mouth, lips, teeth and tongue,” says a piece of the official lawsuit.
The “Annoying Orange” is certainly annoying as the talking orange in many respects, and its similarities no doubt have sparked this lawsuit against the creators of Cartoon Network.
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