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Google’s Mobile Strategy

We all have seen how the smartphone market exploded over the past few years. And the result? The mobile search market is also growing and soon mobile devices will be the primary way of accessing the web.
That’s why most of the Google products are designed for mobile users as well (Google’s 2013 mobile revenues were around $8 bn).
WordStream created an infographic that shows some real insights about Google’s mobile strategy. And it focuses four key areas: Mobile Advertising, Mobile Apps, Mobile Content, and Mobile Devices.
Mobile Advertising
Google’s mobile advertising is powered by AdWords itself and it makes Google money when people click ads on Google from their mobile devices. That’s not all! Google also has a mobile advertising platform, called AdMob, which is designed for mobile apps.
You see a lot of ads within several apps when you use different mobile apps, right? If so, then there is a good chance that it’s powered by Google’s AdMob.
Mobile Apps
Whether it’s Android or iOS or Windows Phone, some of the most popular mobile apps belongs to Google. They’re all free but it further accelerates Google’s mobile advertising revenue.
Mobile Content
Google’s mobile content is powered by YouTube (world’s largest video sharing website) and Google Play (a marketplace for apps, ebooks, music, etc. for mobile devices). Google makes money from YouTube by selling text, image, video ads, and also from subscriptions.
Google Play is a digital distribution platform where they charge developers and publishers for hosting and marketing their products.
Mobile Devices
With the acquisition of Android and Motorola, Google entered the devices space and now they are selling a wide range of mobile devices and gadgets like phones, tablets, wearable devices, etc.

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