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how to Add the ad code to a mobile webpage for Google Adsense

To generate your AdSense for mobile ad code, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Visit the My ads tab.
  3. From the sidebar, choose Other products.
  4. Click Get started with AdSense for mobile content in the window that appears.

    Get AFM code
  5. Then, click Mobile content tab which will appear in the sidebar on the left.
  6. Click +New ad unit.

    Create AFM ad unit
  7. Name and customize your ad unit, then click Save and get code.
  8. Copy and paste the code into the source of your mobile webpage in the location where you'd like ads to appear.
Once you've added the code to your page and saved your changes, relevant ads should appear within 48 hours.


You can't murder a fetus.
Anyone who thinks so just proves they have no sense of law, rights, or common sense.
You can't genocide a fetus either.
Unless you're literally trying to kill the human race.

Murder requires a human person.
Which a fetus can't be. Because it is inside of someone who is already a human person. In order to state a fetus has a right to life, you have to also say:
A.) The pregnant person's rights are gone. They have fewer rights than even a corpse, because you can't even force organ donation on a corpse that didn't volunteer for organ harvesting in life.
B.) A fetus has rights that no person has. Because no person has a right to use and own another person's body. That's violation of body integrity and a violation of right to freedom from torture.

Murder requires breaking the law, killing someone illegally. (For instance, it's legal for soldiers to kill at war, it's legal for a person to kill in defense of themselves and their family. It's legal for doctors to get an opinion and take a person whose been a vegetable off of life support.) Abortion is legal.

Also, murder requires intent. You can try to argue this one, but no one gets an abortion with the thought process of "Oh, I'm a kill this fetus! I'm a spray its guts all over that medical room! I'm going to make it suffer!" Despite what Pro-Lifers might think.

As far as evil goes.
How so?
It can't feel, it can't suffer, it can't think.
Meanwhile the person who is pregnant can very much do all of that.
Meanwhile the children of the person who is pregnant, as some 70% of people seeking abortion tend to have, can suffer.

I honestly don't understand how anyone can come up with the idea that a person being able to decide when they go through a pregnancy is evil.
When the alternative is turning pregnancy and children into punishment and torture.
Which is quite frankly what pro-life is.


As a country we've gone past just murder into the realm of Genocide. There has been 55 Million abortions since 1973, of which most are due to the irresponsibility encouraged by Liberal Laws and Zero oversight of those who perform abortions. I feel sorry for anyone who had one, I wish they would have done something else.
Though I will not judge them but I will judge the act of abortion as being completely evil as it's almost glorified by the wicked as a normal bodily function. It's a cold, crass and thoughtless act.
Unfortunately Science from 1973 is still used today when the fetus is described. Presidential Contender Dr Ben Carson was a Pediatric Neurosurgeon, and he has come out and said that the fetus is much more developed then what was thought of before, but this fact is ignored. Even National Geographic the documentary "In the Womb" which showed how complexity of the fetus.
The earliest child to survive childbirth and live was born at 21 weeks and 4 days, but again can a 2 year old child survive without the assistance of an adult? No it can't, it's just as reliant on adults for its survival as a 13 week old fetus.
200 or 300 years in the future this so called civilized society will be considered barbaric unless the facts are forcefully hidden.

You will get plenty of people saying it is, and people that say it isn't I suppose it depends on mindset. I am pregnant now and my husband and I are keeping our child, but it doesn't mean I'm against abortion it's just not a choice I would make for myself. Abortion IS something that should be thought hard about before doing it, because it is something you can't go back from, I don't think it's evil, because you never know the reason behind it. A lot of people say why not adoption instead, some people don't want to be pregnant at all, some don't want to be seen with a giant belly along with the fact that they don't want to be a parent, and some don't want people to find out they even had sex. If abortion is considered murder isn't the question the question is according to whom is it or isn't it considered murder?

Welcome Back fails to create the 2007 magic :Movie Review

Welcome Back fails to create the 2007 magic but has comic punches nevertheless

Basking in the glory of the original 2007 film Welcome, Welcome Back opened to an impressive crowd last Friday. But is the film impressive as a sequel? Let us find out.

Welcome Back has most of the core cast intact barring a few - Shruti Hassan and John Abraham are the lovers in the place of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif and Naseeruddin Shah fills in for the late Feroze Khan. In this installation, Uday (Nana Patekar) and Majnu (Anil Kapoor) have left their underground days behind and are leading a respectable lives in Dubai. They are on the verge of getting married (rather conned) when enters their step sister Ranjana (Shruti). The onus is now on the brothers to find a groom from a respectable family for her. Like the original, there is a common love interest for both the reformed gangsters in Babita (Ankita). Along with her mother Dimple Kapadi, she plans to siphon off money from the duo.

John Abraham plays the love interest but the brothers are opposed to the idea of this Mumbai goon marrying their sister. The story has a sub plot when Underworld don Wanted Bhai’s (naseer) drug addict son Honey (Shiney Ahuja) falls in love with Shruti Hassan. And the confusion begins.

The story is heavily based on the original film with plots getting too predictable. There are instances where the jokes are stale and you are only laughing at them forcefully (to make it worth your money). The songs in many places are forced and could have been avoided to reduce the length of the film. Expensive villas and locations in Dubai act as a background to the predictable storyline and have been shot well.

As for acting, Nana and Anil manage the whole film on their shoulders and deliver brilliant performances. Their comic timing is commendable and they have some of the best punch lines in the film. Paresh Rawal as Doctor Ghungroo delivers what is expected of him and doesn't disappoint. John barely fits in the comic ensemble and Shruti manages to look pretty in the film. Akshay Kumar and his antics are missed throughout the film.

Watch it for the love of the original 2007 original and we are sure the eight year old film will continue to be among your favourite comedy films. Uday and Majnu entertain you till the last shot!

Britain can – and must – open its arms to refugee children

According to Save the Children, there are currently around 5,000 unaccompanied children languishing in European refugee camps. Many of them are from Syria, but they’re also from Iraq, Libya, Eretria and other war-torn parts of the world. For the most part, they’ve become separated from their parents in the course of making the journeys from home – in all likelihood, the majority are now orphans.

Two months ago, I started a petition on, urging David Cameron to allow 1,500 of these children to be fostered by British families. It was the example of Sir Nicholas Winton that made me think we could do more – the British Schindler who helped save 669 Jewish children from the Nazis in 1939. I was also thinking of the Kindertransport, something I’d been reminded of when reading the first volume of Charles Moore’s Margaret Thatcher biography. Her family took in a Jewish refugee during the Second World War and the young Margaret Roberts heard first hand some of the horror stories of Nazi persecution – one of the reasons she was a lifelong friend to the Jews.
Don’t misunderstand me. I understand the Prime Minister’s reluctance to take in more refugees. I’ve yet to hear a convincing reply to the argument that granting more people asylum will open the floodgates, just as it has in Germany, where more than 300,000 refugees have applied for asylum in the past year, compared to around 25,000 in the UK in the same time period. The reason 1,000 migrants are crossing from Serbia into Hungary every day is because that's the way to Germany.

But I think the moral case for allowing 1,500 unaccompanied refugee children to settle here is overwhelming. That’s Save the Children’s number, by the way, not mine, but it strikes me as a realistic figure. They’re already in Europe and, provided the government makes it clear that that is the maximum, it won’t necessarily encourage others to make the journey across the Mediterranean. In any case, few parents in Africa and the Middle East will dispatch their children on such a perilous journey unaccompanied in the hope that they’ll end up in a British foster home.

Hardly anyone is safe in Europe’s refugee camps, but unaccompanied children are the most vulnerable. They are prey to the worst kind of human predators and many face horrific fates if they’re not rescued. Indeed, for some it’s already too late – they have been taken by trafficking gangs and disappeared into the criminal underground. When I think of my own children – aged seven, eight, 10 and 12 – having to fend for themselves in a place like the Jungle, I shudder in horror.
Some people reading this will think it’s unrealistic to imagine our foster care system could absorb an additional 1,500 children. Already, there’s a glut of children being looked after by local authorities with no homes to go to. But I'm sure that if the government was to ask for volunteers – particularly in the wake of the horrific pictures on the front pages of today’s newspapers – more than 1,500 families would come forward.

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