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OnPage SEO Tips for Blogger Platform

Search engine optimisation, On-page SEO, Blogger, well if you are a blogger, I know you have heard or come across those terms. I love Blogger platform simply because it is free and yet so powerful that it competes on almost the same scale with other major blogging platforms. It is owned by Google and to my opinion Google controls almost 90 percent of the Internet and that gives bloggers on Blogger a high chance of coming at the top of Google.

Blogger has always been considered as the best platform for amateurs or newbies in the blogging practice, time has proven otherwise and experienced bloggers are also using this platform for bigger blogs out there. This is because over the years Google continues to improve the platform making some internal search engine optimisation and now it is more flexible and has most of the features to make any blog on its platform succeed in the search engine struggle for supremacy.

I am going to share the secret on how to do On-Page SEO for Blogger blogs which will include; writing search engine optimized content on blogger platform. This will not only make your posts look beautiful to your readers but will lead to an increase in traffic to your blog and maybe bring you money. If you are completely new to the blogging sphere and don’t have a blog.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

SEO is an abbreviation commonly used by webmasters and bloggers to write up the words Search Engine Optimisation. According to
According to,
“SEO is the practice of improving and promoting the website in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines.”
Remember there are two different levels of search engine optimisation. One is On-Page SEO and the other, which we shall not cover, is the Off-Page SEO which involves aspect such as link building, social media marketing and other aspects.

I like to be short and direct and so we should get to the point of How to carry out on-page SEO for Blogger based blogs. I want you to familiarize yourself with the blogger platform and would recommend you open a tab or use another browser and open up your blogger blog and navigate to the editor area.

The editor area is a two column pages which is easy to navigate it is here that I will reveal to you the best on-page SEO tips for Blogger. You will not have to edit any code here other than just write keeping in mind the available tools the platform has to offer. I will not explain all the icons that are displayed on your screen, but will explain those icons that are of importance when it comes to search engine optimization.

On-Page SEO Tips for Blogger

Blogger was created with all the required features that will enable us to write good posts which are well optimized for humans and search engines will love it and rank it well.

1. Blog Post Title

The title of your post tells the world what your post is all about it is the face of your post. It is on the title that all your on-page SEO efforts begin. Search engines will only care about certain keywords on your posts and will ignore some of them. Blogger, on the other hand, will use the title of your post to create the link or let us call it the URL to your post so that search engines will find it.

Qualities of a good SEO optimized title

A good SEO Optimized Title:
  • Is readable to humans
  • Should contain your main Keyword
  • Should not be longer than 70 characters in length, if you have longer than that Blogger will truncate at 70 and some of your keywords may be truncated too.
TO Do: Do some research on what keywords are and get to know how to use them in your post titles. This is just one of the many ways to carry out On-Page SEO, there are many more, believe me.

2. Header Tags

You will see something named ‘Normal’ just below the title of your post, this is the header tag holder. It is always good practice when writing to have headings, sub-headings and also minor headings. This helps your readers when they are going through your post.

In Search engine optimisation, the same applies and it is good practice to use this tool to create headings, subheadings and so in your posts. However, there is a catch here in that search engines like Google will not exactly read the contents of your headings and so but will look at tags behind your headings.
On Blogger, Headings hold the H2 tag, subheading H3, minor Heading H4 and Normal is just as plain as it sounds. So for better Search Engine Optimisation, make sure your post has at least the above named Tags. You can view the tags via the HTML section of the editor and you will be surprised at the amount of code your post generates.

Let us now move to the sidebar. I am sure many bloggers on Blogger platform do not really understand most of the tools available to them. Well, we shall look at them one by one from the top and see what form of on-page SEO we can deliver.

3. Labels:

On WordPress, you will find categories and also Tags which serve a lot better purpose than labels in Blogger. I don’t mean labels in Blogger are irrelevant, but they are. We can use labels to categorize posts that will be helpful when a reader navigates through your blog.
The best Search engine optimisation practice, when using labels, is to limit them to three per post, this makes your posts clear and attractive to the reader. I often see many blogs with lots of labels around the title of the posts and I turn away very fast.
Don’t use long labels in your posts limit them and keep in mind they will do little to your SEO efforts but will help the reader to navigate and find related content on your blog.

4. Links (Permalinks)

I have mentioned earlier that your title is used by Blogger to create links. If you look at this tool you will see that the link is exactly the same as your title if you see some of the words missing it means you wrote a very long title. There is, however, some addition you will notice your blog URL is included in the links and together they make 70 characters. This tells you something about your blog URL or domain it needs to be shorter too but not too short.

On Blogger you will see they are called permalink and there is an option to use custom permalink, this means that you can edit the URL and include your important or primary keyword if it is missing from the link. Best practice is to use hyphens and not use underscores when editing and you need to consider the length of your permalink. My advice is that you can use different words than those on the title on your permalinks. By this, you maximize the number of keywords you want to point to your posts.

Example – Blog Title:
Making Apple Juice | Permalink;
NOTE: Once you have published your post DON’T Edit the permalink it is BAD for SEO

5. Search Description: On-page SEO for Search Description

You will only see this tool if you have enabled Meta Description on your blog settings otherwise it will be unavailable and yes if you don’t have it enabled go and enable it and give it the best description about your blog.

It is good Search engine optimisation practice that each post to have its own Meta Description. In short, this is the summary of your blog post and will appear in Search Results below your title.
If you don’t have one blogger will use your default blog description in this place and this might bring about duplicates in Meta description and will affect your rankings.

Best Practice for writing an SEO Optimized Meta Description.

The length really matters it should be not shorter than 15 characters but not longer than 155 characters. My advice is you include your title (Which includes your Keyword in the Description) but be creative and make it catchy. Make sure each of your post has a Search Description. This is a basic element in on page-SEO

Final words on On-Page SEO Tips for Blogger

Writing for SEO is a practice and a technique that takes some time to master, once you get it the rest as they say it is history. It does not matter what platform you are using to blog but when you know the tips and little tricks everything will be fine. I hope this article will help someone beginning or has not been taking into account Search Engine Optimisation practices on the Blogger platform. Now it is your turn to make those on-page SEO tweaks as you publish your content.


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