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5 Benefits of Drinking Water, You must Know

Drink more water. We hear this everyday multiple times from multiple sources. We get it! So why is it so hard to just do it? Well, because it’s water, plain old simple water. We are not a simple species. We like things to be complicated and controversial. So water just doesn’t make the cut. That would be too easy. Instead we are looking for excuses and an easy way out. There is no easy way there is n excuses. It’s water PEOPLE! Drink it!

I am sure you have heard this before, numerous times, but water is the key ingredient for weight loss and full of nutritional benefits. There is no powder, shake or bottled up miracle that can take the place of good ole H20. So after some intense research and personal opinion note taking these are our top 5 reasons to drink water.
  • Drinking water helps with weight loss. The more you drink the fuller you feel. If you are looking to loose a few pounds or just stay on track with your current weight then drinking water is a no brainer. It doesn’t cost any money and you can find a water fountain or faucet almost anywhere.   Try to keep a water bottle in your reach at all times. If you are starting to feel a hunger pain and its not quite mealtime reach for some H20 and start chugging.
  • Water keeps your skin looking young and fresh. It’s not going to erase wrinkles, but it can help to prevent those nasty aging lines from popping up on your face. All that water helps to lock in moisture under our skin leaving you beautiful and vibrant.
  • H20 keeps our kidneys nice and clean. The kidneys are an extremely vital organ in our bodies. They help rid our body of toxins and keeping them hydrated is a very important component in order for this to happen. When the kidneys do not get hydrated properly through our water consumption they begin to trap water from other hydration sources, such as our urine. If your urine is clear and odorless than you are good to go. If not, you guessed it…Drink more water!
  • If you have trouble with constipation, then you are probably not getting enough H20. Being hydrated helps the colon to keep things moving right along properly and regularly. When our colon is not hydrated it begins to pull water from our stools, which in the end caused constipation. Yuck, Gag & Gross!!! If that doesn’t make you want to turn up a bottle of water I am not sure what will.
  • Finally, regular water consumption helps prevent headaches, which in turn helps to prevent the dreaded hangover. All of this leads back to staying hydrated. If you already are low on your water intake and you are planning on going out for a few cocktails, just go ahead and know you will have a hangover. Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, which on top of already being dehydrated, makes for a nasty wake up call from your head. So prepare. Drink a few glasses of water before you go our and in between each alcoholic beverage.
I guess what we are trying to preach is to simply, put down the soda and reach for some water. It will keep you looking young, prevent extra calorie consumption and keep your urine from smelling gross! It’s a win win for everyone involved.


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