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Make money blogging by using Infolinks

Bloggers can earn a passive income stream from using Infolinks on their site - Moms Make Money
Today’s scheme is easy to set up and easy to run. It’s another set and forget scheme for bloggers that will bring you in a daily income without you having to do, sell or promote anything.  It’s the true definition of passive income – you can easily earn money with Infolinks doing nothing at all.

What is Infolinks?

If you have ever been to a website and seen some of the words in the text brightly double underlined, then those are Infolinks.  When you hover over one of these links, a small box comes up offering for you to click to search on that keyword.  Infolinks adds the links automatically, and it will be different per page view, and you are simply paid a rate for displaying the links in your text and extra if readers use the search.
I personally find those big bold double underlines a bit too ‘in your face’ but actually you can customise the look of your links and the density of your links to get the look you want so it is less intrusive.

What do Infolinks Look Like?

Take a look at my screen print here.  I have mine set to maximum density which is 12 Infolinks per page, and I have a simple single dotted line under the links, with no change in text color.  They can be quite discreet.
Earn Money with Infolinks - Moms Make Money
InfoLinks examples
Infolinks are also active in this post so throughout the text you should see little dotted lines – these are the info links.  Hover over to see an example of the pop up box which gives you the opportunity to search for those keywords.  Click to go through to a second menu for sites associated with those keywords.  Easy.  Give it a try.

How can I control my Infolinks?

You have a number of easy to use options.
How to customise your Infolinks - Moms Make Money
Density – you can chose how many Infolinks on a page – anywhere from 1 to 12
On or Off – you can chose on which pages or posts to display your Infolinks and when to display them.  There is a simple on or off option for each post. For my top posts on my sewing blog, I leave Infolinks OFF for the first two weeks, and then add them later.  For this site, I leave them on all the time, as my posts are intended to be informational rather than look nice!
Link color – many of us will have black text or dark grey and you can change the Infolinks text color to either match your site if you want them to be discreet, or make them in a bright color if you want them to be easily seen.
Underline style – chose from a single dotted line like mine, or go for the bold option with the double underline.  It’s up to you.

What can I earn from Infolinks?

This will depend on several factors:
  1. The number of times the links are viewed or displayed - so depends on your page views
  2. The number of links per page
  3. The current advertising rate for the keywords
  4. If anyone uses the search
Here is my summary for the last week or so.
How much can I earn from Infolinks ? - Moms Make Money

So my average is $1.66 per day.  I could earn more, but I always chose not to have the Infolinks on my front page or my recent posts until they are 2 weeks old and most people will have seen them.  It’s up to you how and where you decide to use Infolinks.
Assuming a 30 day month and an average of $1.66 per day, I would earn $50 a month.  Not bad for something you set up once in a couple of minutes and then forget it.  If you have greater traffic you can earn even more.  Plus, as your site grows and has more content, then there are more pages to be seen, more active Infolinks and your earnings should steadily increase over time.

What’s the Double Earnings Offer?

Infolinks don’t usually run any kind of referral scheme.  But at the moment and until 12th April, they are running a SPECIAL OFFER, where if you sign up on the recommendation of an existing user (that’s me), then you earn DOUBLE the usual amount for the first 60 days.
You can read their blog post with details of the offer.
SIgn up with InfoLinks - Double Your Money for the first 60 days.
To qualify for double earnings for 60 days:
  1. Sign up to Infolinks as a publisher.
  2. This email will also alert them that you are a referral and be more likely to result in acceptance for your application.
  3. Once accepted – set up your Infolinks – it will only take 5 minutes to set up and customise.
  4. If you need help setting up, just ask.
  5. If you run more than one site, you can add other sites all in the same account and quickly add Infolinks to those too.


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