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As a country we've gone past just murder into the realm of Genocide. There has been 55 Million abortions since 1973, of which most are due to the irresponsibility encouraged by Liberal Laws and Zero oversight of those who perform abortions. I feel sorry for anyone who had one, I wish they would have done something else.
Though I will not judge them but I will judge the act of abortion as being completely evil as it's almost glorified by the wicked as a normal bodily function. It's a cold, crass and thoughtless act.
Unfortunately Science from 1973 is still used today when the fetus is described. Presidential Contender Dr Ben Carson was a Pediatric Neurosurgeon, and he has come out and said that the fetus is much more developed then what was thought of before, but this fact is ignored. Even National Geographic the documentary "In the Womb" which showed how complexity of the fetus.
The earliest child to survive childbirth and live was born at 21 weeks and 4 days, but again can a 2 year old child survive without the assistance of an adult? No it can't, it's just as reliant on adults for its survival as a 13 week old fetus.
200 or 300 years in the future this so called civilized society will be considered barbaric unless the facts are forcefully hidden.

You will get plenty of people saying it is, and people that say it isn't I suppose it depends on mindset. I am pregnant now and my husband and I are keeping our child, but it doesn't mean I'm against abortion it's just not a choice I would make for myself. Abortion IS something that should be thought hard about before doing it, because it is something you can't go back from, I don't think it's evil, because you never know the reason behind it. A lot of people say why not adoption instead, some people don't want to be pregnant at all, some don't want to be seen with a giant belly along with the fact that they don't want to be a parent, and some don't want people to find out they even had sex. If abortion is considered murder isn't the question the question is according to whom is it or isn't it considered murder?

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