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You can't murder a fetus.
Anyone who thinks so just proves they have no sense of law, rights, or common sense.
You can't genocide a fetus either.
Unless you're literally trying to kill the human race.

Murder requires a human person.
Which a fetus can't be. Because it is inside of someone who is already a human person. In order to state a fetus has a right to life, you have to also say:
A.) The pregnant person's rights are gone. They have fewer rights than even a corpse, because you can't even force organ donation on a corpse that didn't volunteer for organ harvesting in life.
B.) A fetus has rights that no person has. Because no person has a right to use and own another person's body. That's violation of body integrity and a violation of right to freedom from torture.

Murder requires breaking the law, killing someone illegally. (For instance, it's legal for soldiers to kill at war, it's legal for a person to kill in defense of themselves and their family. It's legal for doctors to get an opinion and take a person whose been a vegetable off of life support.) Abortion is legal.

Also, murder requires intent. You can try to argue this one, but no one gets an abortion with the thought process of "Oh, I'm a kill this fetus! I'm a spray its guts all over that medical room! I'm going to make it suffer!" Despite what Pro-Lifers might think.

As far as evil goes.
How so?
It can't feel, it can't suffer, it can't think.
Meanwhile the person who is pregnant can very much do all of that.
Meanwhile the children of the person who is pregnant, as some 70% of people seeking abortion tend to have, can suffer.

I honestly don't understand how anyone can come up with the idea that a person being able to decide when they go through a pregnancy is evil.
When the alternative is turning pregnancy and children into punishment and torture.
Which is quite frankly what pro-life is.

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