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How To Earn Money From

Adfly is a program to make Easy money Online by sharing Links. It is an New Advertising concept. You share your shortened URL in Googleplus, twitter, facebook, Forums and maybe in your website. Many people Says adfly is a Fraud and Scam Web Site. But my Individual experience says Adfly is legit website . They pays me timely More than 500$ i have already earned . 
So Join Now    :
Minimum Payout : 5$
Payment Method : Paypal and Payza
Payment Time   : Mothly ( Timely )

ways to Earn Money with

Interstitial Ads : Earn upto $4 every 1000 clicks
Banner Ads : Earn upto $2 every 1000 Banner views
Website Entry Script : Earn upto $4 every 1000 visitor
Adfly Referral :  Earn upto 20% commission from your referred publisher and Advertiser.

How works:

Adfly is an advertising network that offers you to shortening urls so that when anyone clicks on your shorten links, they will also be shown an advertisement. There are two types of Advertisement 1) Banner Advertisment 2) Full page advertisment .In Banner advertisement Simple banner Shown and In Full Page Advertisment visitor First See’s advertisemnt and then after 5 Second moves to your original lives
Check Example of Adfly Link

Adfly interstitial ads

Click Here – First Advertisement will open and After 5 Second you need to press skip in order to View the content.

Top Framed Banner Ads

Click Here – the ads will be at the top of the shared url.


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