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The oath

Imran H Sarker, convener of the Bloggers and Online Activists Network, in his speech yesterday afternoon conducted the following oath at Shahbagh:
"We swear an oath that the leadership of mass people from the Gonojagaran Mancha will continue the movement from Teknaf to Tetulia until capital punishment is handed down on those Razakar and Al-Badr members who committed crimes against humanity like mass killing and rape in 1971.
"We take the oath that we will remain vocal both on the streets and online until politics of war criminal Jamaat-Shibir is not banned and nationality of their members not cancelled.
"We further take the oath that we will continue demonstration demanding trial under a special tribunal of those Razakars and Al-Badr activists who were convicted and under trial but freed after 1975.
"We swear that we will boycott the war criminals' business entities -- Islami Bank, Ibn Sina, Focus, Retina and different other coaching centres. We know through these they collect money to continue with anti-liberation activities.
"We will also boycott the academic and cultural organisations through which they are spreading anti-liberation sentiments among the children. In brief, we will work for banning all the business, social and cultural organisations belonging to Razakars and Al-Badr activists.
"We swear that we will continue with our demand of stringent punishment to Jamaat and Shibir, who have committed crimes of sedation by threatening with a civil war, after making their immediate arrest by recognising them through video footages and newspaper pictures.
"We swear that we will boycott war criminals' mass media like Diganta TV, daily Naya Diganta, daily Amardesh, daily Sangram, Sonar Bangla Blog, etc.
“We will not subscribe to newspapers of war criminals at any office or house. At the same time, we will request the pro-liberation mass media to boycott war criminals and their accomplices."

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